Mediation Task Force
Level 3

Manuel CONTHE, Former Chairman of the Spanish Securities Commission, CNMV

Geraldine LEVY

The Mediation Task force completed its work in September 2006, and has been disbanded.

CESR has established a Task Force on Mediation, which is chaired by Mr Manuel Conthe, Chairman of the Spanish Securities Commission (Comisión Nacional del Mercado de Valores) and which is mandated to develop a proposal for a general CESR mediation mechanism. The Task Force will be composed of representatives of CESR Members and the European Commission.

The objective of such a mediation mechanism is to facilitate the rapid, effective and balanced solution to disputes between CESR Members in order to facilitate convergence at Level 3 and the fair implementation and application of CESR measures and EU law. The mechanism will have to ensure that the competence of the European Commission is fully respected, and it will not interfere with the respective roles of the European Commission and the European Court of Justice in the interpretation and enforcement of EU law.

02 Aug. 2006
Protocol for a CESR Mediation Mechanism
02 Aug. 2006
Report of the Mediation Task Force
02 Aug. 2006
Feedback statement - CESR Mediation Mechanism
27 Oct. 2005
Agenda for the Open Hearing on CESR's mediation mechanism
08 Sep. 2005
Consultation paper - Establishement of a Mediation Mechanism