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Chair of CESR
Eddy Wymeersch, CESR's Chairman
Chairman of the Supervisory Board of the Belgian Commission Bancaire, Financière et des Assurances (CBFA)
(Paris): +33-1-58-36-43-21    (Brussels): +32-2-220-5211

Eddy Wymeersch was the Chairman of the Belgian Banking, Finance and Insurance Commission (CBFA) from 2001 to 2007. As of April 2007 he chairs the CBFA's Supervisory Board, as well as the CBFA's Sanctions Committee. In addition, he is Chair of the European Regional Committee of IOSCO and in that capacity is a member of IOSCO's Executive Committee and participates in IOSCO's Technical Committee. Before joining the CBFA, Mr Wymeersch was a regent of the National Bank of Belgium from 1992 to 2001, and also a member of the legislative branch of the Council of State. Between 1990 and 2001, he was a member of the board of several Belgian companies, and from 1998 to 2001 the Chairman of the Brussels airport. Mr Wymeersch has been an academic at the Ghent Law School, and has published extensively in the fields of company law, banking law and financial supervision and corporate governance. He has acted as an adviser to the European Commission, and many other institutional institutions. Mr Wymeersch studied law at Ghent University and Harvard Law School.

Vice - Chair of CESR
Carlos Tavares, CESR's Vice Chairman
Chairman of the Portuguese CMVM
(Paris): +33-1-58-36-43-21     (Lisbon): +351-21-317-7080

Carlos Tavares has been Chairman of the Comissao do Mercado de Valores Mobiliarios (the CMVM) since October 2005. Before joining the CMVM, Mr Tavares was the head of the Bureau of European policy Advisers to the President of the European Commission, after having been Minister of Economy in the government of José Manuel Barroso. Prior to this, Mr Tavares has occupied a number of governmental positions, such as Member of the EEC Monetary Committee, Secretary of State for the Treasury, member of the EC Economic Policies Coordination Group and Director of the Research Department of the Ministry of Finance. In his professional life, Mr Tavares has held a number of positions within financial institutions, and has also academic experience as a teaching assistant in the field of econometrics and macroeconomics. Mr Tavares studied economics at Oporto University.

Secretary General of CESR
Carlo Comporti, CESR's Secretary General
(Paris): +33-1-58-36-43-21     Fax: +33-1-58-36-43-30

Carlo Comporti has been CESR's Secretary General since January 2008. Prior to this, Mr Comporti was the Deputy to the Secretary General of CESR and Director for Markets and Intermediaries in the CESR Secretariat. He joined the CONSOB in 1994, firstly in the Intermediaries Enforcement Division and subsequently in the International Relations Office. He has been a member of expert groups in the field of securities regulation at the EU Council, Commission, OECD, and rapporteur of the FESCO Expert Group on Investor Protection and then the CESR MiFID Expert Group.

Carlo Comporti spent six months at the ECB working on a joint project with CESR in securities clearing and settlement, and one year at the European Commission as a national expert working on the revision of the Investment Services Directive. He graduated from the University of Siena with a Degree in Economics and Banking and holds a Doctorate in Banking and Securities Law. He is a visiting professor of Commercial Law at the University of Siena and he has published numerous publications in the fields of securities and company law.

As Secretary General, Mr Comporti is in charge of the CESR Secretariat, based in Paris. The structure of the Secretariat can be seen in the organigram, published in the section Documents, or via the following link.