Closing date : 15 Apr. 2004  
Call for Evidence on CESR Guidelines for the Consistent Implementation of the Proposed Commission Regulation on Prospectus

04 Mar. 2004 - CESR announces today the launch of work to prepare guidance on disclosure requirements established under the proposed Prospectus Regulation. The Prospectus Directive and accompanying Regulation establishes a harmonised format for Prospectus in Europe and enables companies to use this Prospectus to list on all European markets without having to re-apply for approval from the local regulator and by so doing help companies avoid the inherent delays and costs that this may involve. As a result of this new legislation, consumers can also be assured of more consistent and standardised information which will enable them to compare more effectively the various share offers available from a wider number of European listed companies. This is likely to lead to a greater range of products available to consumers and will encourage European companies to list and offer on a number of exchanges or markets due to the strengthening and simplification of the regulatory regime.

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