CESR publishes the Annual report of the Committee of European Securities Regulators to the European Commission, to the European Parliament and to the Ecofin council

28 Sep. 2007 - CESR submitted its 2006 Annual Report to the European Commission, the European Parliament and the ECOFIN Council in September.

CESR’s annual report summarises the key areas of activity throughout the year. Apart from describing the institutional environment within which CESR works, the Annual Report sets out the activities of CESR in 2006 and includes the activities of the Committee until the end of January 2007. The main part of the annual report outlines CESR’s key initiatives throughout the period and the achievements of CESR to bring about supervisory convergence in day-to-day implementation to ensure the EU Single Market for Financial Services functions effectively. The report highlights the continued evidence of the high level of participation by a wide range of market participants in CESR’s work through its consultations and hearings, including the steps taken to increase participation by representatives of investors which, we consider to be critical.

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