Alexis PILAVIOS, Chairman of the Hellenic Capital Markets Commission

Alexandra BERKETI

ECONET was established in June 2006 in order to facilitate the ability of CESR to meet an increasing number of reporting commitments to European bodies that require the input of financial economists and to evaluate and, as appropriate, develop CESR's approach to the use of impact analysis.

The objectives of ECONET are to:

enhance CESR's capability to undertake economic analysis of market trends and key risks in the securities markets that are, or may become, of particular significance for its Members;

review existing impact analysis methodologies regarding financial regulation and supervision, evaluate the feasibility of developing such a methodology for use in CESR’s work, and if considered useful and necessary to develop practical impact analysis principles for use on a case by case basis by CESR.

07 Nov. 2007
The European Single market in securities in 2006: A factbook on Markets and Supervision
02 Aug. 2006
Mandate for CESR ECONET