Credit Rating Agencies
Karl-Burkhard CASPARI

Karl-Burkhard CASPARI, Chief Executive Director of securities supervision at the German Financial Services Authority (BaFin)

25 May. 2009
Report by CESR on compliance of EU based Credit Rating Agencies with the 2008 IOSCO Code of Conduct
16 Sep. 2008
CESR's response to the consultation document of the Commission services on a draft proposal for a Directive/Regulation on Credit Rating Agencies
19 May. 2008
CESR’s Second Report to the European Commission on the compliance of credit rating agencies with the IOSCO Code and The role of credit rating agencies in structured finance
19 May. 2008
Press release - CESR advises the European Commission to take steps and offers its proposal to enhance the integrity and quality of the rating process
22 Feb. 2008
Agenda - Open hearing on CESR’s Consultation Paper on the Role of Credit Rating Agencies in Structured Finance