25 May. 2004   CESR, 11-13 avenue de Friedland, Paris
   Hearing on CESR/ESCB joint Open Hearing on Clearing and Settlement
  Following the initial CESR/ESCB consultation on the paper \\"Scope of application of the CESR/ESCB Standards\\", the Working Group would like to continue the dialogue with market participants and in particular with those institutions who had answered the earlier consultation, and have therefore shown interest in the subject. The Working Group would like to invite all interested parties to attend an open hearing to be held at the premises of CESR in Paris on 25 May 2004. The aim of the meeting will be to discuss a revised draft report (attached under details) before it is finalised by the Working Group, approved by CESR and the Governing Council and submitted to the relevant authorities. Market participants are invited to provide comments and give their views on both the general regulatory approach being proposed by the ESCB and CESR and the specific details contained in the draft Report. Written Comments should be sent to the joint ESCB and CESR Secretariat: Elias Kazarian (ECB) at elias.kazarian@ecb.int and Wim Moeliker (CESR) at secretariat@cesr-eu.org as soon as possible.
  This hearing will take place from 13.00-17.00, and is open to the public free of charge
 12 May. 2004
Agenda for the Open Hearing on Clearing and Settlement on 25 May 2004
 05 May. 2004
CESR/ESCB Draft Standards for Securities Clearing and Settlement Systems in the European Union