Closing date : 08 Jun. 2007
Consultation on Non-equity transparency

10 May. 2007 - CESR issued a call for evidence on 6 February 2007 asking for views on the Commission's questions. The response period closed on 6 March, and CESR has aimed to include the key points from the responses in this consultation paper (CP). The aim of this paper is to set out CESR's views on the questions posed and to improve our understanding on some points of detail. With that in mind, there are a number of new questions posed in this paper. CESR asks for responses to these questions, and for broader comments on this CP, by 8 June 2007 so that it can provide a response to the Commission's request for assistance by its deadline of end June. All contributions can be submitted online via CESRīs website under the heading Consultations at

 10 May. 2007
Consultation paper - Non-equity transparency