Closing date : 25 May. 2007
Call for evidence on UCITS Distribution

13 Apr. 2007 - One of the elements CESR will need to consider in developing key investor information is the diversity of ways in which UCITS funds can be “packaged” and distributed to retail investors.
CESR wishes to obtain further evidence about the way in which UCITS funds are distributed, and the types of intermediation that may exist in the relationship between the UCITS provider and the end investor. To support our work we should have an informed understanding of : - the distribution channels through which a UCITS may be sold to retail investors; - the ways in which a UCITS may be “packaged” as part of a product or service, whether by the UCITS provider, an entity in the same group as the provider, or an independent third party; and - the ways in which a UCITS may be structured by its provider to facilitate different approaches to distribution and packaging.
We would like to hear from individual firms that are involved in the provision and distribution of UCITS funds; from trade associations representing such firms; and from governmental and regulatory authorities responsible for fund authorization and supervision. Consumers and their representative bodies are welcome to contribute, although they may find it more convenient to respond to the questionnaire specifically directed at consumers (Ref. CESR/07-214).

 13 Apr. 2007
Call for evidence - UCITS Distribution