Closing date : 16 Mar. 2007
Consultation on Best execution under MIFID

02 Feb. 2007 - Comments are invited on all aspects of this paper but where we anticipate that feedback will be particularly useful, we have directed stakeholders to some issues for particular comment. Given that the issues this paper addresses are likely to attract a broad range of interest, we intend to hold a public hearing to provide stakeholders with an early opportunity to comment. The date of the hearing will be communicated. This would be in addition to any written feedback that stakeholders may submit to CESR. CESR also invites stakeholders to provide input to the following calls for evidence: a) Execution quality data (see paragraph 94); b) Demonstration of compliance with best execution requirements (see paragraph 96). Comments are welcome by 16 March 2007. Please post your answer online, in the section Consultations.

 02 Feb. 2007
Consultation paper - Best execution under MIFID
 02 Feb. 2007
Press release - CESR consults on Best Execution & Transaction Reporting under MiFID