Closing date : 30 Nov. 2005
Consultation on the Establishement of a Mediation Mechanism

08 Sep. 2005 - At its meeting in Luxembourg on 28/29 January 2005, CESR decided to establish a “Mediation Task Force”, chaired by Manuel Conthe (Chairman of the Spanish CNMV), the Task Force was given the specific responsibility of developing a proposal for a CESR mediation mechanism as a tool for resolving disputes between CESR Members. CESR is hereby responding to the requests as to the consideration of a general CESR mediation mechanism as raised, in particular, by the Inter-Institutional Monitoring Group, the European Securities Committee chaired by the European Commission, the European Parliament and other stakeholders. Market participants have expressed support for a CESR mediation mechanism during the course of consultations on the Level 3 Action Plan for 2005 (Ref. CESR/04-527b) and the Himalaya Report (Ref. CESR/04-333f). This Paper for Comments seeks to provide an overview of the preliminary considerations and views of CESR on a possible mediation mechanism. It takes into account the responses received on its Call for Evidence of 8 April 2005 (Ref. CESR/05-253). All interested parties are invited to submit their comments online via CESR’s website under the heading “Consultations” at by 30th November 2005.

 27 Oct. 2005
Agenda for the Open Hearing on CESR's mediation mechanism
 08 Sep. 2005
Consultation paper - Establishement of a Mediation Mechanism
 08 Sep. 2005
Press release - CESR invites comments on the mediation mechanism to be established amongst securities supervisors