Closing date : 09 Jul. 2004
Call for Evidence on CESR's mandate on Investment Management

09 Jun. 2004 - The 11th Meeting of CESR in Dublin, 11 and 12 December 2003, decided to establish a provisional Expert Group on Investment Management (Ref. CESR/03-411). It was also decided that after establishment of the Expert Group, the Group would work on drawing up its specific mandate based upon the Consultation Paper “The role of CESR in the regulation and supervision of UCITS and asset management activities in the EU” (Ref. CESR/03-378b) and the comments arising from the consultation. CESR welcomes comments on this mandate by 9 July 2004.

 09 Jun. 2004
Press release - CESR starts work on its agenda for Investment Management
 09 Jun. 2004
Mandate for the Expert Group on Investment Management